This is the intented pilot for Rex The Runt and the first show outside of Wallace & Gromit that Aardman Animations have aired. It is the introduction to our loveable plasticene dogs. In this episode the gang teams up and decides to try and find the cure to Vince's random pepperoti desease by using a shrunken submarine to get inside him.

Act IEdit

The gang is getting tired of Vince's random pavarotti disease, and they try to do something about it. They coincidently have a shrinking ray that Rex got Bob for his birthday last year, and use it to shrink the submarine in which they travel into Vince's ear and through his body. As they drive into Vince's brain they see Mrs. Bloomers and Judith Poodle.

Act IIEdit

They go through his brain with Bad Bob fooling around with the controls. On the outside Vince can be seeing very dumb-founded after Bob fiddled around with the controls but Rex gets control and steers them through Vince's brain and they finally found a little block of cheese with a screw in it. As Bob and Rex argue what to do Wendy goes outside in a scupa diving suit and attempts to loosen the screw. She eventually gets it right out and they head home with Vince still sitting there. 

Act IIIEdit

Bob is laughing about there journey and talking to Vince asking him if he'd liked to go on the journey as well. He repeats his name several times but he just sits there with his everyday expressionless face. They start beginning to wonder wether there actually home as the credits close.

Cast Of CharactersEdit

Rex The Runt




Mrs. Bloomers

Judith Poodle


  • This Is The Shows Pilot
  • It Is The Introduction To Rex, Vince, Wendy and Bob
  • It is the only episode With Mrs. Bloomers and Judith Poodle